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La Rituriere is an Oasis of peace and tranquillity in France. With immaculate gardens and grounds amounting to over 1 acre,  the house is surrounded by unobstructed views of pastures and grazing land as far as the eye can see.


The whole area is a haven for wildlife including our very own red Squirrels. The bird population is bursting with activity with many species of birds of prey,Owls and rare visitors like the Hoopoe (hu : pu) pictured above.

The tourist attraction of Mont Saint-Michel is in easy reach and a day trip to Jersey is 2 hours away by land and sea.

Although best seen in the summer months the house and grounds can be appealing in the autumn and winter.


Be warned.. leaving here can be a challenge when it snows.Settle down in front of the log burner with a glass of Calvados.


The air is filled with the fragrance of the different woods being burnt, the local inhabitants cherish their firewood just like money in the bank and it's not good practice to burn just any old wood. Not sure? have a look at the poem in the side bar. This will help you with your choice of firewood.


Anyone for calvados?


In October it's time to process all those juicy apples into the renowned alcoholic spirit produced in Normandy.

In days gone by many farmers would make calvados to be kept and then sold when perhaps beef or cereal were not fetching a good price. It was a liquid asset that would increase in value with age until when times were hard it could be cashed in. These producers live up to a quality control called the production fermiere or produit fermier, which indicates that the calvados is farm made in the traditional way. The whole process from apple to calvados is carried out on the farm according to the highest quality demands.





65 years later. Little Charlie and his NAN arrive at Arromanches Gold Beach. In the distance the surviving segments of the Mulberry Harbour which played such an important role  in the D-Day landings.Manufactured in Scotland the various parts were towed across the Channel and assembled the day after the invasion

The British harbour at Gold worked for 10 months. In that time this harbour landed 2.5 million men, 500,000 vehicles and 4 million tons of goods.

And so this little lad enjoys the freedom that so many young men gave their lives for.


Share your pictures and experiences. Stay in touch with family and friends bring along your laptop, PDA , Blackberry or any other type of fruit to stay in touch by the latest technology








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